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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Lighting does not strictly have to be about function over form. When choosing light fixtures for your home, you can choose something that stands out, matches your sense of style and expresses your personality.

To select a lighting scheme that is not only functional, but also stylish, call the Seattle metropolitan area lighting experts at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric. Our electricians can work with you to pick out the indoor or outdoor lighting that matches your needs, style and budget, and have it installed in no time.

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Outdoor Lighting

One area that is often overlooked when thinking about lighting is outdoor space. From patios to decks to yards, outdoor space is used for entertaining and enjoying nice weather, especially in the summer time. But what happens when the sun goes down—is the party over? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple and subtle light fixtures, you can stay out as long as you’d like.

Alternatively, you may want some floodlights on your garage, or some other security lighting to keep your home safe.

Indoor Lighting

There are plenty of options for lighting the interior of your home, depending on your needs, tastes, budget and space. Each room has its own respective lighting requirements.

For a bedroom, you may want something softer and more intimate, good for some night time reading with no blinding glare. The bathroom, on the other hand, often calls for a brighter, truer light, suited to getting ready for work in the morning.

Each of these scenarios calls for a different lighting scheme and set of fixtures, which a professional can help you choose. Your home should glow the way you want it to, so don’t be afraid to invest a little time and money to get it done right.

Lighting Upgrades

If you’re in need of any type of new lighting, the first step is to get an assessment done by a professional. This will establish what your needs and options are for new and upgraded lighting and what makes the most sense for your budget and style.

Even if you do not necessarily want or need a new lighting scheme, having a professional take a look at your lighting can help identify any potential problems or inefficiencies. You can also take the opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient LED lighting, which can save on your monthly energy bills.

Regardless of the type of lighting work you need done, call G & S today. We have years of experience meeting indoor and outdoor lighting needs of customers across the Puget Sound area. Call and talk to our experts today to discuss all of your home lighting options.