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Smoke Detectors

Just like seat belts, smoke detectors are in that class of things you hope you’ll never truly need, but if you ever do, you are thankful to have them. Obviously, it is extremely important to make sure your smoke detectors are properly installed, well–maintained and working properly. Having confidence in your smoke detectors means peace of mind, knowing that your family will have ample warning if a fire does happen. Achieving this level of confidence requires a partnership, with work being put in both by you and a qualified professional.

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For professional smoke detector service in the Seattle metropolitan area, call G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric. Our highly trained electricians know the ins and outs of smoke detector care, inspection and maintenance, and we take pride in making your family’s safety our top priority.

Smoke Detector Options

There are actually several different kinds of smoke detectors, classified based on what kind of sensor(s) they use to detect smoke and how they are powered. An ionization detector uses a sensor that can detect smoke particles too small to be seen by the naked eye. These alarms are quicker to respond to swift, flaming fires. Photoelectric detectors, or optical detectors, as they are sometimes known, use a light source and lens to detect smoke.

Essentially, when smoke blocks the lens, the sensor detects the change and triggers the alarm. These detectors are more adept at sensing smoky, smoldering fires. Obviously, you cannot predict what type of fire may occur in your home, so there are also dual sensor smoke detectors, which incorporate both types of sensors into a single unit.

It’s recommended that homes have either a dual sensor detector or both an ionization detector and a photoelectric detector. Any of these units can be powered either by batteries or by being hard–wired into your home’s electrical system.

Smoke Detector Maintenance

In an emergency, you need to be able to count on your smoke detector. The best way to make sure you can is to keep it properly maintained. For detectors that run exclusively on batteries, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some call for the batteries to be replaced annually, whereas others are powered by high endurance batteries and are meant to be changed only as an entire unit. In either event, you should test your smoke detector monthly. Any time your smoke detector makes a chirping noise, this indicates the batteries are low and should be replaced immediately.

Smoke detectors that are hard–wired usually still have batteries included as a backup system, so those should be tested monthly as well and replaced at least annually. When it comes time to install or replace this type of smoke detector, call in a skilled electrician. This is to make sure it is wired properly and will work when you need it.

Finally, keep your smoke detector and the surrounding area clean and free of dust. Dirt and dust can not only cause annoying false alarms, but also obstruct the sensor(s) from working properly. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional for tips on keeping your smoke detector clean.

Smoke Detector Experts

With many new smoke detectors, you can test them and replace the batteries easily enough on your own. However you should always call a professional for service when it comes as important as smoke detector installation. Whether you’re concerned about the state of your current smoke detectors or you already know it’s time for an upgrade, call the Puget Sound area smoke detector experts at G & S today.