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Whole Home Surge Protectors

You have a lot of money invested in your home comfort system. Your heating system, your cooling system, and your indoor air quality system are all expensive systems patched into your electricity supply. So, if there is a major power outage or a lightning strike close to your home, the risk of electrical surge damage is high. When that surge occurs, you not only lose access to your home comfort system, but electrical components can short out and cost you a lot of money in repair costs.

G & S Heating, Cooling & Electric offers a full line of surge protectors to help our Seattle metropolitan area customers keep their home comfort investments safe. We will help you choose the perfect surge protector for your home and then install it directly to your breaker box to protect your entire home’s electrical supply. Call us today to learn more about surge protectors and the options currently on the market.

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Types of Surge Protectors

You probably already have at least one surge protector in your home for a computer or home entertainment system. A quick surge of electricity can easily destroy something with such fragile components. The technology is fairly simple. If the power suddenly turns off, the surge protector flips a breaker and cuts off the supply, ensuring the surge of electricity that comes when it turns back on won’t break anything.

Such surges can easily overwhelm both small and large equipment. However, you need more than just a power strip with surge protection to protect your furnace or air conditioner. You need a unit that installs directly to your breaker box to flip off the power supply when a surge occurs.

There are smaller units that take up a single breaker space on your box and will turn off the supply when a surge occurs. There are also larger surge protectors that attach to the outside of your breaker box. These are more expensive but they are effective in blocking a surge of up to 60,000 amps, well beyond the 20,000 that a smaller unit can handle. When a surge occurs, a smaller unit generally needs to be replaced too, which means if this happens frequently, you’ll need to buy multiple surge protectors.

Keep in mind that if you install a main line surge protector, you should still have smaller surge protectors for individual outlets in your home. These main line protectors are designed for appliances like your heating system, refrigerator and stove, not your computer or television.

Surge Protector Installation

If you’d like to further discuss your surge protection options, call G & S today. Our Puget Sound area technicians can help you decide which type of surge protector is best for your home. These experts can then install it to ensure you are protected from the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Never worry again about the safety and wellbeing of your home comfort system or appliances during a storm.