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Fall 2015

Keep Warm This Holiday Season and Beyond with Professional Heating Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than walking into a cold home at the end of a long day or waking up to a chilly house. One of the best ways to avoid this scenario is to make sure your heating system has been properly maintained by a trained professional. Heating maintenance isn’t just a quick once-over of your heating system. It is a full tune-up designed to ensure that your heater works optimally throughout the fall and winter months.

Why Is Professional Heating Maintenance a Full Tune-Up?

When a trained and certified professional performs heating maintenance on your heating system, he or she will conduct a number of tasks that help improve the overall performance of your heating system. Some of these tasks include:

  • A thorough inspection of your heater
  • Cleaning of the components
  • Change of the air filter
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Small repair (adjusting of worn fan belts, repair of fraying wires)
  • Check of all electronic components
  • Check of all connections, including fuel valves
  • Check of the flue (if applicable)
  • Check of the refrigerant level (for heat pumps)
  • System testing

Why Is All This Necessary?

The goal of every maintenance appointment is to make your system more energy efficient, better able to reach your set temperature and operate well. In order to accomplish this, an in-depth appointment is required. For instance, the thorough inspection allows your technician to detect any existing or developing problems and get ahead of them. Small issues like a worn fan belt can be taken care of during the appointment. Should a bigger issue be discovered, such as a refrigerant leak, you’ll be alerted by your technician so that you can schedule repair. Lubrication of all moving parts is important because if friction develops, the moving parts in your system can grind, which will lead to serious problems. Proper, safe venting is critical for any combustion heating system, and this is what your heating expert will look for when inspecting the flue of your furnace or boiler system.

Can I Do It Myself?

Performing maintenance at the level you and your heater deserve really requires an expert. Being handy just isn’t enough to qualify you to perform professional-level maintenance on your heating system. And you don’t want to run the risk of creating a potential repair issue. Instead, let a seasoned expert with the right training and certification get your heating system ready for the fall and winter months.

Get Your Heating Repaired Before the Holidays Get Here

For heating repair service this holiday season, it pays to look to heating experts to fix problems with your heating system. That way, your house can stay warm and cozy for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas Eve around the tree: leaving the worrying to us and letting you take care of the things that matter.

Holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, with Halloween becoming an increasingly important event on people’s calendars to match Thanksgiving and Christmas as the closing events of the year. That means you’re likely to have plenty of people over before the year is out, whether it be a rocking costume party for Halloween, family coming in for Thanksgiving or a Christmas break spent by the fire.

Along with those events comes the need to keep your guests comfortable, and to do so without breaking the bank. That means you need a heating repair service that can address key issues quickly and efficiently well before your guests (whoever they might be) have arrived. This is a tougher equation than you might think. Laymen rarely know what the exact problem is with a faulty heating system and finding the time for a repair session with everything else going on during the holidays. That’s why the earlier you can jump on a given heating problem, the better.

It starts with a thorough maintenance session conducted by a trained professional. That can help pinpoint any potential issues before they get out of hand. If the technician turns something up, you can then schedule a more formal repair session at your leisure, and be assured the issue is taken care of before those big dates on the calendar show up.

Generally speaking the sooner you can get that process going, the better. It certainly won’t do to have a faulty heating problem crop up in the middle of a party of a family holiday get-together, but the closer you come to the date, the less wiggle room you have to schedule repairs, and the more you may have to scramble to get them done. Furthermore, forewarned is forearmed. With time to plan for things, you can make sure you factor in a timely repair with the budgets for your Thanksgiving feast or Halloween blow-up, keeping your pocketbook happy while ensuring that your guests and family as comfortable as possible when they arrive at your home. All it takes is the right professional heating service and a phone number for you to call!