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Air conditioning, heating, and electrical services go hand–in–hand, and our experts are here to make sure that you have one place you can count on for all of these services. No home can function properly without each of these systems working optimally, and when you call G&S Heating, you can rest assured that you are contacting licensed trained professionals who can handle installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your AC, heating, and electrical systems in Arlington, WA. Many home and property owners are handy, but managing these systems should always be left to trained professionals. Inexpert work can lead to more problems down the road and may even compromise the safety of you and your property. Our specialists can help you manage all of these systems with a single phone call, so if you need help with one or all of them, call us today!

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It wasn’t too long ago that home heating systems were limited to one of two choices: a furnace or a boiler. These days, homeowners have a wide range of options from which to choose, and G&S Heating works with just about all of them. When you contact us for service, be it repair, maintenance, installation or replacement, you can have the peace of mind that you are calling heating experts who can perform work on everything from ductless systems to geothermal systems – just give us a call.
Heat pumps are great whole-home heating and cooling systems, but they are complex and as such, should always be installed and serviced by trained professionals. Our heat pump specialists bring years of expertise to every job, so you can rest assured that your heat pump is in great hands with G&S Heating.
We may not be the warmest place in the world, but when summer hits, it’s important to stay cool and dry, especially if you have a commercial space. Just because our summers may be a shorter season than others doesn’t mean you can go without having experts for your AC. Maintenance, repair, replacement, installation – all of these services require the help of trained professionals, and that’s where G&S Heating comes in. We’ve been offering comprehensive air conditioning services since 1977, and we are here for all of your AC needs!
Air conditioners are complex electro-mechanical devices, and when it’s time for the repair, you need to know both the system and how its electrical works; this is why it’s so important to call for an expert. The AC specialists at G&S Heating are available 24/7 for all your air conditioner repair needs – all we need is a simple phone call.
Tank? Tankless? Solar? Our experts can help you find a great hot water heater for your home and install it. Have an existing water heater that needs reliable service? Let our specialists handle your repair, maintenance, and if needed, replacement.
There are certain kinds of jobs around the house that are great for homeowners to handle, but doing your own electrical components is not one of them. Not only is there a lot of latitudes to make mistakes, working on your electrical system without proper knowledge and expertise can be quite dangerous. The licensed electrical professionals at G&S Heating can help you with re–wiring, new installation, and any other electrical service you require.
Power outages aren’t just an inconvenience; they can result in loss and damage to your property. However, a whole home generator can support all the major systems in your home, keeping it safe and operable during any power outage. Size and correct installation are important factors when it comes to whole house generators, and having a reliable company to call for repair and maintenance is key to making sure your generator is ready to go when you need it. Our experts are here to assist you with the installation and servicing of your generator, so call us today!
Did you know that indoor air can be anywhere from 2–5 times more polluted than the outdoor air? Or that there are over 50 million allergy sufferers in the US alone? Being comfortable indoors isn’t just about temperature – it’s also about having healthy, clean air to breathe around the clock. We offer a number of indoor air quality products designed to help you clean your indoor air just as you need to, and our experts can install, repair, maintain, and replace them as needed. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our IAQ specialists.
Geothermal HVACs are the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems around, but without expert installation and service, you may not gain the benefits these systems can offer. We have been installing geothermal systems for years, and our experts are certified and trained to install, repair, replace, and maintain them. Going green can be great – as long as you have the right company to support you, like G&S Heating.
G&S Heating believes your comfort should never be compromised. Over the years, we’ve finessed our delivery of HVAC products and services to a unique level of service we’ve become known for: #FixitFast #InstallitRight
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Office: M-F 8am - 5pm
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