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Your HVAC equipment, water heater, and electrical equipment all contain complex parts which are much better off when they receive professional attention. Amateur repairs, installation, or maintenance of electrical and HVAC equipment can result in some major trouble later on, not to mention some troublesome safety hazards, which is why you should always schedule professional service for these major components of your home. Call the friendly technicians and electricians at G&S Heating for your electrical and HVAC service needs. Our experts can help you out with a wide range of services, from generator installation, to duct cleaning, to air conditioning repairs and more, put your trust in our years of experience and excellent customer service. Keep our name in mind for any of your home heating, cooling, water heating, indoor air quality, and electrical needs in Greenwood.

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When you need a new home heating system, let our experienced team help you pick one out. You may be unaware of just how many options there are for your home. While the standard furnace is still a great choice for many homeowners, you might consider a heat pump for efficient heating and air conditioning or even a geothermal heat pump, which can save you quite a bit of money over the years and do a lot of good for the environment. Does your current heating system appear to be struggling to keep your home warm? Trust our quick, reliable team to get your unit back into top shape.
A heat pump absorbs heat from the air outside in order to bring it into your home for heating, even on a very chilly day. Heat pumps also move heat outside so that you can cool and heat your home with one efficient system. Our team of heating and air conditioning experts will make sure that your new heat pump installation is powerful and durable, without using up too much energy. And when you need repairs, we will do our best to complete them in a timely manner and to see to it that your system continues to run with little trouble for the rest of the season.
In order to keep your air conditioning system running as efficiently as possible, it’s important to have a trained and experienced air conditioning technician available for service. Whether you need regular maintenance to improve the performance and energy efficiency of your AC system, repairs for a troubled unit, or a new, more efficient system, give us a call. We can help you select a durable unit that fits in your budget and we provide professional services to keep your unit in peak condition. We also offer optional upgrades such as zone control or a new thermostat so you get the most out of this important home comfort system.
There are a number of problems that may come up with your air conditioning system over the years, and while you can schedule annual AC maintenance to keep these at bay, eventual AC repair or replacement is inevitable. Let our skilled team assess your unit and decide on the best steps to take to remedy the issue. We have experience diagnosing and repairing a wide range of issues, from odd noises to complete failure, and even unusual odors from the vents!
You cannot go without access to hot water for very long. As soon as you find yourself without any hot water for showering or cleaning, call G&S Heating. We will do everything we can to restore hot water to your home with our comprehensive water heater services, or we can recommend a new, efficient system to replace one that has reached the end of its life. Call us today to schedule service in Greenwood with a friendly member of our highly trained team.
Most homeowners know little about the intricacies of their electrical systems. Besides, all you have to do is plug in a cord and flip a switch and your electrical equipment is up and running. For all else having to do with your electrical system, trust in G&S Heating. We install and service all of the components that allow your home electrical equipment to operate as needed, including circuit breaker panels, outlets, switches, and lighting. We can also install and service additional electrical components, including attic fans and smoke detectors. We are committed to safety and energy efficiency, so you can depend on us for all of your electrical system needs.
If you are like most homeowners, you have had to deal with the impact of a power outage at least once before. You may have been forced to dispose of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in your refrigerator, or you might have had to huddle underneath layers of blankets to keep warm without the comfort of your heating system. In many cases, being without power for too long is troublesome, costly, and dangerous, but our whole–house generator services can help. We install and service automatic standby generators, which detect when there is no electrical current in your home and restore power quickly.
You may be surprised to learn about all of the contaminants that may be in the air you breathe in your home every day, including bacteria, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and viruses. Protect your family members with one of our powerful indoor air quality systems, or by scheduling indoor air quality services in Greenwood with one of our IAQ experts. We offer duct cleaning and repair as well as a range of systems that can eliminate some of the most harmful contaminants that move through your air.
Geothermal HVAC systems are rising in popularity in the United States, as these have the ability to heat or cool a home using very little electricity and relying primarily on the energy from the earth. The earth’s temperature stays fairly consistent if you dig deep enough into the ground, so an underground loop system takes advantage of this energy to bring heat into a home or deposit heat back to the earth during the cooling season.
G&S Heating believes your comfort should never be compromised. Over the years, we’ve finessed our delivery of HVAC products and services to a unique level of service we’ve become known for: #FixitFast #InstallitRight
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