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A lot of people take the appliances in their houses for granted, right up until they stop working. They can’t be blamed for this. After all, a lot of our modern home conveniences have become an integral part of our lives. Who could imagine an extended period without heat in the home, or cool air on hot days, or warm water for showers? And yet, all of these conveniences can be taken from you without proper installation and maintenance. That’s where we come in. G&S Heating offers a comprehensive list of HVAC services, from air quality, air conditioning, and heating. If you find yourself in need of HVAC repair services, give us a call.

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No matter where you live, there are probably at least a few days a year cold enough to make you turn the heat up. In Washington, there are quite a few of those cold days. If you find yourself in need of home heating services, don’t wait until your doors start freezing shut. No matter what kind of heating services you need, whether it’s a completely new system or just patching up an old one, we can make sure your home stays comfortably warm.
Furnaces and the like are excellent heating systems, and have been popular for decades. However, they’re not the only option. Heat pumps are heating systems that move preexisting heat from one place to another, rather than burning fuel to create it. They’re environmentally friendly, energy effective, and a great option for homeowners looking for something new.
Though insulation plays a vital role in keeping a home’s climate comfortable, it is often neglected by homeowners. Insulation doesn’t last forever, and will eventually need to be replaced. In areas that receive a lot of rainfall, insulation can rot away much more quickly. If you haven’t had your insulation inspected recently, give us a call to schedule an appointment.
Good air conditioning can be a lifesaver on days when it feels like a desert outside. Air conditioning systems are a bit more complicated than heating systems in terms of construction, which makes it that much more important for you to have yours checked on a regular basis. Whether you need air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance, we can make sure you’re well taken care of.
As previously mentioned, air conditioning systems are a bit more complicated than heating systems in terms of construction and operation. This means they have more ways to develop problems and break down. If you notice your air conditioner acting strangely, don’t wait for the problem to get worse! Call us today and we’ll send an expert HVAC technician out to inspect it. No matter what the problem is, we’ll come up with a solution for you.
Hot water has become such a commonplace in households that most of us don’t even spare a thought for it until we lose it. That’s why keeping your water heater in top operating condition is so important. The last thing you want to do is ignore your water heater maintenance until it breaks down, leaving you without hot water for a few days. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or replacement, we can take care of you.
Storage tank water heaters are great at what they do, which is keep a large amount of water heated 24/7. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to do that without wasting a lot of energy. After all, you’re not going to demand hot water 24/7, so most of the time there’s no reason for it to be available. Tankless water heaters solve this problem by only heating water when it’s needed. This saves a lot of energy and money, while still providing you with the hot water you need.

No matter what your HVAC needs are, G&S Heating has got you covered. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure that you’re satisfied.
The state of your home’s electrical infrastructure is especially important, because it is responsible for so many other parts of your house operating properly. Heater, air conditioners, lights, virtually every single appliance in your home relies on electricity. That’s why G&S Heating offers professional electrical services. No matter what kind of electrical services you need, we’ve got you covered.
Generators are not a necessity for most people, many of whom are merely inconvenienced by the occasional power outage. Some people, however, cannot afford to lose power for even a second on some of the appliances they’re using. Whether it’s sensitive computer equipment or life–sustaining medical technology, an emergency generator can ensure that a power outage doesn’t pose as much of a risk.
Outdoor lighting is a great way to add both functionality and value to your home. Whether you’re adding landscape lighting for evening entertainment or safety lights to make your home more secure, we can provide you with the outdoor lighting solution you need.
It is really quite amazing to think about the amount of electricity that runs through your home every second. As amazing as it is, though, it can also be quite dangerous. If you suspect some part of your home’s electrical system is malfunctioning it is important that you don’t try to examine or repair it yourself. Let us send a qualified electrician in Kirkland to diagnose and fix the problem.
The air in your house is teeming with millions upon millions of particles, including dust mites, dander, mold, and germs. These contaminants can provoke allergy attacks, make you sick, and generally decrease your quality of life. The highest quantities of these are usually found in the ductwork of a home, where they are protected from standard cleaning efforts. This also means that they get blown around the house every time a forced air system is turned on. Our duct cleaning service removes any contaminants that may be lurking in your ducts, thereby improving your air quality.
The quality of the air in your home has a pretty substantial effect on your health. Most people don’t think about the air in their homes, as long as it’s free of obviously harmful substances like smoke. However, you inhale plenty of airborne contaminants every second and you don’t even realize it. Humidity levels also play a part in adversely affecting humans’ health. Fortunately, we offer several services designed to improve your indoor air quality.
Geothermal technology has been around for a while, but only recently has it been used to heat an individual home. Geothermal systems are heat pumps that rely on subterranean thermal energy to heat a home. They’re incredibly efficient, and make a great choice for homeowners that are concerned about the environment or saving money on their heating bills. If you’d like to know more about geothermal HVAC services, call us today.
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