Air Conditioning RepairIs My Central Air Conditioner in Need of Repair Service?

There are many advantages to using a central air conditioning system rather than small window units. One is that you can have a central air conditioner repaired when it starts to malfunction, while a broken window unit will have to be replaced. (It’s never cost-effective to attempt to repair a window unit.) Skilled AC repair technicians can quickly get to the source of any problem you may have with your central air conditioner and repair the problem promptly and correctly.

There are a number of signs to look for that will alert you that you need to call for air conditioning repairs. AC malfunctions are not always as obvious as a system that simply shuts down. If you pay attention to these following warnings, you can schedule repairs before the malfunction seriously jeopardizes your comfort.

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Ways to tell you need central air conditioning repair service

  • Short-cycling: The term “short-cycling” refers to a condition where your air conditioner’s compressor comes on for only a short time before shutting off again, and then repeats the process. This will result in a large waste of energy, but it’s also a signal that something has gone wrong in the system, such as reduced airflow or loss of refrigerant. It’s something that needs prompt attention.
  • Unusual noises: Modern air conditioners have sound dampers to make them run as quietly as possible, and the only regular noises you should hear will come from the fans and the motors. A loud and unexpected noise—such as grinding, screeching, and groaning—usually warns of a mechanical malfunction threatening operation. There are many possible reasons for these noises, so call in the professionals to track down the cause and fix it.
  • Ice developing on the coil: The indoor coil of your air conditioner should never have ice along it anywhere. Even though you expect to receive cooling from an AC, you shouldn’t expect it to create ice. When ice starts to form along the indoor coil, it could mean refrigerant loss, too much dirt inside the cabinet, or a clogged air filter. Whatever the reason, it needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Rising utility bills: An air conditioner can deliver the cooling you expect, but require excessive energy to do it because of a repair need. Keep a close watch on your electrical bills during the summer, and if you notice a sudden spike in costs for which you cannot account, the problem may stem from a malfunctioning AC. A skilled technician can look into the problem and identify the cause.

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