How to Find a Good HVAC Contractor

Most people take for granted the comfort provided by their central air conditioner, heat pump or furnace until something goes wrong and the unit needs to be serviced or replaced. When this happens, you need a quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor who is knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified to do the job.
  • A quality contractor listens to your problems and cares about your comfort.
    While attempting to find out if any rooms are too drafty or dry during the winter, or too hot or damp in the summer.
  • A quality contractor can help determine if your home or building is prone to indoor air pollution problems.
    Which can be caused by organic resins or vapors, poor air turnover or high humidity. If allergies are a problem, a quality contractor can service your heating and air conditioning system and recommend system accessories that may prevent conditions that adversely affect health and comfort.
  • A quality contractor is concerned about protecting the environment.
    Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) used as air conditioning and heat pump refrigerant, have been linked to the destruction of the earth’s ozone layer. A quality contractor won’t release the refrigerant into the atmosphere and is trained and certified in the proper techniques for recovering, recycling, reclaiming and disposing of used refrigerant.
  • A quality contractor will show you how to care for your system on a day to day basis.
    For example, how to change the filter and how to operate the thermostat. He or she will advise you about symptoms which could signal that there might be a problem with the equipment. After servicing your equipment, he or she will let you know when it should be serviced again.
  • If a new system is necessary, a quality contractor will perform a Manual J® load calculation.
    And explain any changes which might be necessary for your duct system and present options to help you make the best decision regarding replacing your old system.
  • A quality contractor offers planned preventative maintenance service.
    To maximize the life of your equipment. A quality contractor honors the terms of the warranty on the equipment throughout the warranty period.
  • A quality contractor does not offer price as the only consideration.
    While it is a major factor, there often are valid reasons for price differences.
  • A quality contractor will follow up with you to make certain that you are satisfied with the service and with your new system.
air conditioning

When Consulting An

HVAC Contractor

  • Ask the contractor for references. Find out if other customers were satisfied.
  • Ask the contractor about his or her license. If a license is required in your area, ask for the license number.
  • Ask if the contractor’s technicians are NATE certified.  NATE certified technicians have proven their knowledge of modern HVAC systems.
  • Ask the contractor if he or she is a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. ACCA members have access to the latest technical information regarding HVAC systems. Through ACCA, contractors learn how to make quality an integral part of their company operations.
  • Don’t forget to ask about ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment.

Get Expert Advice!

An MM comfort consultant can provide you a proper evaluation of your home’s heating and cooling needs. It is the best way to determine the ideal system for your home.


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