Air ConditioningAC FAQ: What Causes Hot Spots?

When you run your air conditioning system in order to cool your home down during the summer season, you want that system to function efficiently and reliably. You also want it to function effectively, which includes cooling the whole house evenly. If you start to notice that there are hot spots in your home, or areas that never seem quite as cool as others, then you should give us a call. You deserve a better cooling experience than this, and the AC technicians on our team can help you get it.

As is the case with most air conditioning problems, an air conditioner failing to cool an entire house evenly may be the result of a few different issues. A proper diagnosis of your system is every bit as important as quality repair services. Here are a few potential causes of your faltering air conditioner in Lake Stevens, WA.

  1. Improper sizing. If your air conditioner has always struggled to cool your whole house evenly, then it is possible that the system is simply smaller than it should be. If your air conditioner is not properly sized for your home, the only course of action for correcting the problem is really to replace that system with an appropriately sized one.
  2. Leaky air ducts. Does it seem like your hot spots are restricted to just one area of the house? Are they consistent? Then you may be dealing with leaky air ducts. If the ductwork servicing these areas of your home is leaking, hot air may be pulled into the system while the cool air is pulled out. This will result in uneven temperatures.
  3. Subpar insulation. Another common cause of hot spots is subpar insulation in the house. Remember, insulation serves the same function throughout the year — to prevent excessive heat transfer from occurring. If any area in your home does not have enough insulation, then heat can transfer in and make that area less comfortable than the rest of the house.

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