Air ConditioningPotential AC Problems: Short Cycling

ac-condenser-fanHere in Washington, we don’t have the hottest summer weather in the nation. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get uncomfortably hot around here during the summer season, though. If you are serious about living comfortably during the hottest time of the year, then you must know for certain that your air conditioner is in great working condition.

The bad news is that there are a number of different afflictions that may affect your air conditioning system. The good news, or at least a silver lining, is that most of these problems will give you some warning signs that can alert you to trouble. It is always in your best interest to have issues with your air conditioner resolved promptly, so it is always in your best interest to take any such warning signs seriously. For instance, you should know that your AC in Marysville, WA is in trouble if it is short cycling.

What Does “Short Cycling” Mean?

Short cycling simply refers to a situation in which an air conditioner is not running in full cooling cycles. It may not sound like that big of a deal, but short cycling is actually very detrimental to your overall comfort, the efficiency with which you cool your home, and even the condition of your air conditioning system itself. This is not the way in which air conditioning systems are intended to operate.

What Causes Short Cycling?

There are a number of different issues that could lead to the short cycling of an air conditioning system. While not all of them are terribly serious, most will require the intervention of a professional air conditioning technician. You don’t want to ignore short cycling, as doing so puts the system at risk of damage.

  • Dirty air filters could lead to short cycling. This is a problem that you can resolve on your own. It’s just one of the reasons why changing your air filters as needed is so important.
  • Refrigerant leaks could also cause short cycling, and are a much more serious problem. It is the refrigerant cycle that allows your system to cool the air. If refrigerant is low, the operation of the system is compromised, and serious damages may result.
  • Improper sizing may result in short cycling as well. If your short cycling is not a new development, but has always occurred since you’ve been using this system, then it may be too big and cooling your home too quickly. That may not sound so bad, but it causes problems and may require the replacement of the system.

What Problems Does It Cause?

Quite a few, actually. If your system is short cycling, it is definitely wasting energy, as it takes more energy for a system to start up than to run consistently. You are also not going to be cooling your home as effectively as you should, despite paying more to do so. Plus, you are putting unnecessary wear and tear on your system that can lead to repair needs and premature breakdown.

If you are having air conditioning problems, contact the professional technicians at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric.



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