Air ConditioningShould I Also Install a New Thermostat with My New Air Conditioning?

You’ve planned the installation of a brand new, higher-efficiency air conditioner to replace the aging one in your home. Are you also planning to install a new thermostat along with it? The installer (if you are already thinking of hiring one) has likely suggested that you take this step and make a new thermostat part of the package. This is advice to which you should definitely listen, as we’ll explain.

We’ve seen many types of thermostat in our 37 years of work here at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., so we know all about the benefits of upgrading a thermostat as part of air conditioning installation in Shoreline, WA. Let us assist you with selecting the right new unit for your home so you will receive the most energy-efficient and comfortable performance from your new AC.

Reasons to Upgrade the Thermostat Along with Your Air Conditioner

If you are installing a new air conditioning system, the chances are high that many years have passed since your current one was installed; it may have come with the house when you moved in. Enough time will have gone by for the thermostat to fall far behind the times. The technology of thermostats today is huge strides ahead of where it was only a decade ago. The current programmable thermostats have moved far beyond the models that only had two programming settings, one for day and one for night; now thermostats can provide you with readouts about how much energy you are saving and can even “learn” from your setting history to find the perfect program. The advent of wireless thermostats allows for freer placement of the units and easy remote control. And Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats take control to a whole new level.

But the advantages of an upgrade to a thermostat are about more than the “gee-whiz” features. On a basic level, newer thermostats have better temperature precision; they are certainly superior to the manual models that were once the only option when it came to temperature control. (And if you currently have a manual thermostat, then there’s no question about whether you should have a replacement. Replace it.) More precision means better comfort and better energy efficiency.

Finally, you want to receive the best out of your new air conditioner. The system going into your home will have increased energy performance over the previous one (AC technology has advanced as well), but you won’t receive the full benefits unless you have a thermometer that can take advantage of them.

Our Shoreline, WA air conditioning installation team at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. can help you match up the ideal thermostat upgrade with your new AC. Whether it’s programmable, wireless, “smart,” or Wi-Fi enabled, we will make sure you end up with the best thermostat for your comfort needs.



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