Air ConditioningWhy Opt for Zone Controlled Cooling?

For homeowners looking for the best way in which to cool their homes, there are a lot of different systems to consider. Furthermore, there are various modifications that can be made to systems in order to upgrade their overall performance quality. It can be a bit much to take in, admittedly, but it is well worth your time to consider all of your options carefully. Whether investing in a new cooling system or just trying to improve upon the one you have, making an informed decision is the name of the game. One HVAC upgrade that many homeowners benefit from is the installation of a zone control system. Contact G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. today to schedule zone control system services in North Seattle. 

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is made up of 3 basic building blocks: electronic dampers, thermostats, and a central control panel. The electronic dampers are installed right into the air ducts of a forced air cooling system. They are wired into the central control panel; so, too, are individual thermostats, with one in each temperature zone. By adjusting the thermostats independently of one another, you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house. The electronic dampers open and close as needed to divert conditioned air to desired locations. If you use a furnace or another forced air distribution based heater, of course, your zone control system can do double duty and be put to use in the heating season as well.

Benefits of Using a Zone Control System

The ability to maintain different temperatures in different areas of one’s home is a major benefit. After all, you don’t illuminate your entire house when you flip on a light switch, do you? With a zone control system, you can tweak your cooling – and heating – habits in order to enjoy greater comfort while also heating and cooling your home more efficiently. You can also enjoy peace and quiet as arguments about thermostat settings are quelled. Give us a call today if you are ready to experience the perks of zone controlled cooling.


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