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The electrical system in a home is incredibly complex, and it can fall prey to a number of different repair needs. Although it’s tempting to try to fix what may seem like “little” electric problems using a few tools like a pair of pliers and electricians’ tape, you should avoid this “do-it-yourself” temptation at all costs. The power coursing through the circuits in your home could cause high voltage shocks and or lead to electrical fires. Only entrust the repair work to licensed electricians from a reliable contractor.

When you need electrical repairs in Lynnwood, WA, look to the company that other people have depended on since 1977: G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. We will respond fast to your needs, identify the electrical trouble, and then provide the repair that will keep your electrical system working effectively and safely.

Here Are 3 Common Electrical repairs We Perform

  • Fixing damaged weatherhead wiring: This is an issue that comes up during stormy seasons, and is frequent around the Puget Sound area because of the high winds. The weatherhead is an outdoor fitting where the overhead power line cables enter a house. If this wiring becomes frayed, it will lead to the lights inside your home flickering as the wind moves the power lines. This will eventually cause shorts to start throughout your home. Only professionals should handle repairs to power lines—and you should never attempt to climb up on your roof during a storm!
  • Electrical panel repair: The circuit breaker panel is an essential safety component for your home, helping to prevent overloaded circuits and electric fires by cutting off the power to the circuits. The circuit breaker panel can wear down or develop loose and frayed wires, which will require repairs from technicians—or possibly a complete replacement of the panel. Call for service if you notice that circuit breakers are tripping more than usual.
  • Repairing and replacing outlets: If you sense heat coming from your outlets, or see charring and discoloration across them, a fire might have started behind them from faulty wiring. Don’t keep using the outlet: call for electricians to fix the wiring and replace the old outlet.

Pay close attention to any signs in your house that there are electrical repair needs: flickering lights, power surges, sparking light switches, acrid burning smells, etc. Turn off the power and immediately call for licensed electricians; you never want to risk injury or a fire.

Our team at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. knows that you will want any of your needs for electrical repair service in Lynnwood, WA taken care of a soon as possible. Call us right away and we will put highly-trained electricians—the only kind we hire—on the job.


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