Electrical3 Reasons to Schedule Professional Attic Fan Wiring

You may have heard at times that heat rises. In the summer, heat rises into your attic, and temperatures can become extreme. As heat continues to build, a layer descends on your home, and you may notice that your air conditioner has to run for a very long time to get the house to an ideal temperature. That’s because in some cases, the temperature in your attic can rise to up to 150 degrees. An attic fan can help to clear up this issue, but only with professional attic fan wiring. Here’s why:

  • Save Money – An attic fan can help you to feel more comfortable by eliminating a large layer of heat that often bogs down your home efficiency. Attic fans move heat out of the attic so that your air conditioner does not have to work so hard to cool your home. This can help you to save money as well since energy bills are likely to fall. The attic fan uses far less energy than an air conditioner.
  • Protect Your Safety – Another reason to choose a professional for the job of attic fan wiring is because electrical work should always be completed by a professional. It isn’t as simple as plugging in a cord. It must be hard-wired directly into your home plumbing system in order to operate properly. And because of its location up near the roof and its potential to attract lightning, grounding is also necessary—a job that should always go to an electrician.
  • Ensure a Job Done Well – Unfortunately, there are many potential issues that may occur with faulty insulation. If a vent is blocked, for example, the fan may end up sucking up the conditioned air from your home, so that it is no longer really functional and so that you use far more energy than you should in an attempt to cool down your home. Contacting a team of contractors which includes electricians as well as HVAC specialist is a great way to ensure an attic fan runs properly.

If you want professional attic fan wiring in Edmonds and the surrounding area contact the professionals at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. 


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