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Our electrical system runs behind the walls and in our ceilings and floors. It is invisible, except for outlets and fixtures. Electricity is intrinsically counter-intuitive to think about. In fact, despite recent technological developments, we’ve only known how electricity works since the turn of the 20th century. So, you can be forgiven if even common residential electrics seem somewhat mysterious. Moreover, repairing these electrical systems requires the professional knowledge of a Kirkland electrician, who knows how to properly handle and harness electrical energy and run it safely through your home. In this post, we’d like to examine a few of the most common electrical repairs, so that you might be able to identify any problems and call for assistance.

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  • Intermittent power. If your fixtures and powered appliances are drifting in and out of power, or seem to shut off for no apparent reason, then you have an intermittent power problem. This is often an issue with the integrity of the electrical wiring itself; your wires may be damaged or loose.
  • Power surges. Electrical overloading, commonly known as a power surge, can be caused by a variety of reasons: lightning strikes, use of high-powered devices, and others. They can quickly ruin the fine circuitry of expensive electronic devices, so while you may already have a portable surge protector bar for your computer or TV, you may also wish to consider installing whole-home surge protection, which integrates directly with your electrical box. It will not only be more comprehensive, but will also be able to protect a higher surge.
  • Dead outlet. If you find that one of your electrical outlets, also known as receptacles, stops working, there is probably a problem with the wiring between the outlet and the circuit supply. Make sure that such repairs are taken care of quickly, because it may evidence of a damaged wire within your walls.

Handling electrical wiring and devices is dangerous. Make sure you hire a certified Kirkland, WA electrician to perform any electrical repair, no matter how minor.

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