GeothermalGeothermal Heating in LynnwoodGeothermal InstallationHow Long Does it Take to Install Geothermal Heating in Lynnwood?

Switching to geothermal heating in Lynnwood is a big step and can be a sound investment, but many homeowners are nervous about having their yard dug up. Just how long do you have to have your life and yard disrupted for a geothermal installation? It depends on the type of installation, but probably not as long as you think.

Horizontal Straight Loop

This is probably the most common type of geothermal configuration for residential homes. The necessary coolant pipes are buried about five feet below the ground in parallel lengths, like matches in a box. Depending on weather and soil conditions, this kind of installation can usually be completed in a day or two.

Horizontal Coiled Loop

This configuration is very similar to the horizontal straight loop, with the major difference being that the pipes are in coils instead of just straight lengths. This allows more surface area in a smaller space, which can be good for homes with small yards.

This type of installation requires some more digging because of the height of the loops, but again can still be done in just a couple of days.

Vertical Loop

In this configuration, the coolant pipes are installed side by side, but they run vertically straight into the ground instead of laying flat as in the horizontal straight loop. This type of installation is usually used only in commercial settings where space is at a premium, making horizontal configurations impossible.

The complexity and added labor of the vertical loop often makes it prohibitively expensive for home applications, and also means it takes longer to install. Count on this taking up to four days.

Pond Loop

This configuration is the easiest, cheapest and quickest, but can only be used on sites where there is a suitable body of water nearby. Rather than digging trenches and laying pipes into them, coils are floated on top of a pond and then sunk to the bottom, taking advantage of the existing geothermal energy of the pond itself.

A pond loop installation can be done in as little as one day, provided conditions are adequate.

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