HeatingAre You Thinking About Replacing Your Heater?

Now that March is here, a lot of homeowners are looking forward to the warmer weather of the spring and summer seasons. The fact of the matter, though, is that your heater is not quite out of the woods just yet. We’ve definitely got some more cold weather in the pipeline, and your are going to be counting on your heater for the coming weeks. Even so, now is a  good time to start taking stock of your home heating system, especially if you don’t think that it has another year of quality service left in it. Consider the following, and let us know if you think that you are ready for a heating replacement in Everett, WA.

Do You Want a More Reliable System?

There is no denying that we live in something of a throwaway culture, so we are always pleased when homeowners turn to us to help keep their existing HVAC systems up and running properly. We wouldn’t advise you to replace an HVAC system that could be repaired with great results, of course. However, you must also keep in mind that not every system that can be repaired is actually worth repairing. If you are frequently contacting our staff to have an ailing system set back on track, it may make more sense to replace your heater.

Looking for Greater Efficiency?

Even if your existing heater is actually functioning properly, you may be interested in replacing it. The most common reason for this set of circumstances is subpar energy efficiency. If you are paying too much to heat your home, because your system has lost efficiency over the years, or simply because it has a low efficiency rating to begin with, replacing that system with a more efficient model can help you to save money in reduced energy costs.

Do You Want to Try Something New?

It’s entirely possible that you simply do not find the design and operation of your heating system satisfactory, and that you want to try something new in heating your home. Maybe you’d like to eliminate energy loss via ductwork with the use of a ductless mini split system, or the allure of geothermal heating and cooling can no longer be ignored. Whatever your reasons, we’ll ensure that you find the right heater for your user preferences.

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