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If you use a heat pump, either with ducts or installed as a ductless mini split or geothermal heat pump, then you have an air handler working for you. The air handler is the unit inside your home that circulates the heated air throughout your house. The heat brought from outside (or up from the ground) gets blown about by a fan. If you have a ductless mini split, then you will most likely have more than one air handler positioned throughout your home.

An air handler can suffer damages and wear just like any machine. As you start to use your heater more often during the colder months, the air handler can develop operating problems that will need attention before they trigger other faults and even a full breakdown. Don’t get left without heat this season… contact experts to resolve air handler problems as soon as they start. G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. has served Woodinville, WA heating repair needs for 36 years, so make us your first call!

Some air handler problems we often see:

Motor trouble: A motor runs the fan inside the air handler. Motors that are forced to work too hard without proper care can overheat and stop working. Damage can also loosen parts, which will usually be accompanied by a rattling noise. If an excess amount of dust gets inside the air handler, it can also interfere with the motor’s operation. You’ll need to have a professional attend to fixing or replacing the motor.

Damaged fans: Another problem that excess contamination in the air handler can create is bent and warped fan blades. This can turn into a serious issue if the fan blades begin striking other components, such as the sides of the cabinet or the motor fan belt.

Clogged air filters: To protect the internal mechanisms of a heat pump, an air filter catches debris. If an air filter becomes too clogged, not only could it trigger the troubles listed above, but it will also begin reducing the air flow. This will force your heater to work harder and wear down faster. (It will also probably cause a spike in your energy bills.) You should change the filter once a month during the heating season, but if the clog becomes too heavy, get a repair person in to handle the issue.

Most air handler troubles require expert diagnosis and repair. Don’t try to open the air handler cabinet and fiddle around with the interior mechanisms; this can lead to further damage. Call up G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. for heating repair services in Woodinville —we’ll handle your air handler!


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