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Buying your first home, in Brier or Seattle, is an exciting time. You may feel a rush brought on by the immense independence of owning a home that is all yours. But a home is also an enormous amount of responsibility. As the owner, you are responsible for your own maintenance and repairs, as well as keeping the building up to code.

To make the whole undertaking a little easier, below is a checklist of tasks for the first time homeowner to use as a reference. It is not fully comprehensive, but it is a good start and a solid guideline of responsibilities to keep your home in tip-top shape. It is broken down by frequency of tasks to make it easy to refer to later.


Make sure you do each of the following every year. For tasks that should be done in the same season, try to combine in the same week or day so that you are on a consistent schedule that is easy to remember.

  • At the start of winter, check the caulking, weather stripping and other sealants around the house. Also check and clear your gutters and downspouts.
  • In spring, check the basement and attic for signs of water leakage or damage.
  • In the summer time, have your home and property checked for termites and other pest infestations.
  • When fall starts, get ready for the heating season by having your heating and ventilation system inspected. Have any repairs or routine maintenance done as needed.


To keep your home comfortable and pleasant, there are some tasks that should be performed every month. These are generally simple, but still important.

  • Inspect AC and furnace filters. Clean or replace dirty filters.
  • Test smoke detectors and replace any drained batteries.
  • Vacuum carpets and make sure there is no debris in your furnace room.
  • Pour boiling water or white vinegar in drains to dislodge buildup.

In General

Lastly, there are some things you will want to do as a matter of good practice. Ask around to find good contractors. When you use one you like, keep track of his information in a dedicated file. Be organized. Keeping this checklist handy is a good first step on that front.


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