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The last thing that you want to do is drain your budget just to heat your home effectively throughout the winter season. Of course, you also may not have the budget to replace your existing heating system, even if you’d like to invest in a more efficient model. A great way to boost energy efficiency, without making a major investment at the same time, is to schedule an energy audit in North Seattle, WA.

Using the information that we gather from the energy audit, we’ll be able to help you form a plan for making your home more efficient. It’s an involved process, and one that you want a trained professional to handle. That is why you should work with the energy efficiency experts on our staff.

What Does the Audit Entail?

This is going to depend upon the initial assessment of your home, as well as the particular issues that you are facing. A good place to begin, though, is with a blower door test. A powerful fan is installed in the front door of the house, and all other entry points, including windows, are sealed off. The blower door then pressurizes your home, and your technician will walk the house, pinpointing problem areas where air is escaping. This shows the weak spots in your thermal envelope that may allow heat to seep out during the winter season.

Air sealing is a common followup step, with our technicians sealing off leaks found around doors and windows. In some spots, a lack of sufficient insulation may be to blame. We install insulation as well, so we can handle these issues as well. When we are done, you will have a more tightly sealed home that will help to boost efficiency in the winter and summer alike.

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