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Air cleaners not only improve the quality of your indoor air, they can also improve your health. When it comes to choosing an air cleaner, homeowners have two options: a mechanical air filter or an electronic air filter. Both capture contaminants, but each does so in a different way. Installing a whole-home air cleaner in Edmonds can be much more effective than using room-by-room air cleaners. The experts at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., have been helping customers improve their Indoor Air Quality since 1977 and can help you choose and install an air cleaner that is right for you.

Mechanical Air Cleaners

Mechanical air cleaners are the most commonly used and recognized of air cleaners. Mechanical air cleaners are named as such because they use a filter media stretched in a frame to capture the contaminants in your home. Mechanical filters are rated by a system known as MERV; the higher the MERV number, the better the filter. Whole-home air filters have a MERV range typically between 5-12; any higher than a MERV of 12 can restrict the airflow in your HVAC system. Depending on the MERV rating, mechanical filters can capture dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, some mold and mildew spores, some bacteria and some viruses.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners use electricity to clean your air. There are two types of electronic air cleaners: ion generators and electronic precipitators. Ion generators use negative ions to capture contaminants in the air. The process is simple: the generator disperses negative ions into the air of your home. The negative ions attach themselves to the contaminants in the air, becoming one particle. The negatively-charged particles are attracted to the surfaces in your home and land there; they are removed when the surfaces are cleaned.

Electronic precipitators draw air into an ionization chamber with a fan. Once inside the chamber, the contaminants in the air are charged; as the newly-charged particles move through the precipitator, they are collected on oppositely-charged metal plates.

If you need help determining which type of air cleaner will fit best in your Edmonds home, call the people who can help: G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc.


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