Indoor Air QualityDo I Need an Electronic Air Cleaner?

A lot of people believe that the air filter in their forced air heating system is there to filter out the pollutants that can drag down the Indoor Air Quality in their homes. This is not exactly true, though. This air filter is primarily intended to remove pollutants from the air entering the system, in order to protect the inner workings of the system itself.

If you want to boost the quality of the air throughout your house, you can certainly invest in a more efficient air filter. However, many pollutants are small enough that they’d require a filter that would be too efficient for your residential furnace or heat pump. That is why you may want to choose an electronic air cleaner in Snohomish, WA.

How Does It Work?

An electronic air cleaner differs greatly from a basic air filter. While an air filter is passive, simply filtering pollutants out of the air passing through it, an electronic air cleaner takes a much more active approach to cleaning your air. It actively removes pollutants from the air.

There are a few different ways in which this may be accomplished. Probably the most common, though, is with the use of an ionization chamber. This is how an electronic precipitator works. Basically, air is drawn through an ionization chamber in the purifier. The pollutants are given an electric charge. There are oppositely charged plates in the purifier. Because opposites attract, the pollutants will automatically cling to the plates!

These plates can then simply be removed by the homeowner, cleaned off, and put back. Other methods include ionizers that release clouds of ions, and the pollutants sink to the floor and are cleaned up during routine housekeeping. This is a bit more work, though, and collector plates are preferred by many.

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