Indoor Air QualityWhen Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Unlike routine HVAC maintenance services, which must be completed on a yearly basis for each system, there is no set schedule on which you should be scheduling professional duct cleaning in Snohomish, WA. While every three to five years is a common recommendation, there are really just too many variables involved to make a solid statement across the board. That being said, there are plenty of warning signs and situations that can raise a red flag that the time has come.

The most important thing to remember about duct cleaning is that, when it must be done, professionals must do the job. Our technicians are properly equipped to not just clear out your air ducts, but to remove stuck-on debris and to actually clean them thoroughly. It’s not a job for a feather duster and some spray cleaner, that’s for sure.

So When Is Duct Cleaning Recommended

As mentioned above, there are certain situations in which professional duct cleaning is certainly recommended, even if you don’t adhere to a regular cleaning schedule. If you can actually see dust blow out of your vents when you turn on your forced air heater or air conditioner, for instance, it’s a pretty clear sign that cleaning out the ductwork could be beneficial. This is not the only physical evidence you may notice, though.

Running noses, itchy eyes, and other physical allergy symptoms may also suggest that professional duct cleaning is necessary. Over time, dust and dirt may settle in your ductwork, and it can be distributed throughout the house as you try to heat or cool it. By having your air ducts cleaned and using the right IAQ systems, you can minimize discomfort for those with allergy sensitivities or asthma symptoms in your home.

Finally, if you’ve had any issues with vermin in your home, duct cleaning is a good idea. Pests love using ductwork as a home base, and they are not great about cleaning up after themselves following their eviction. You don’t want whatever has been left behind being distributed throughout your home via your HVAC system.

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