InsulationSpray Foam vs. Loose-Fill: Which Should I Choose?

It wasn’t too long ago that homeowners had one choice when it came to insulating their homes: batt insulation. Batt insulation is very effective, but with four types of insulation now available to homeowners, the ability to use different types in different areas of the home have maximized energy efficiency. Two of the newer types of insulation homeowners may want to consider are spray foam and loose-fill. Each one is effective, but they work very differently. Getting the most from your insulation in Monroe is good for you, your home and your HVAC system, so if you are ready for new or additional insulation, call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., today.

Spray Foam

Spray foam has become very popular because it forms an air-tight seal with whatever it comes into contact with. This is because spray foam is an adhesive, and once it adheres to a wall, joist, etc., it is creates a permanent seal. If you’ve ever seen spray foam, you know it expands tremendously – up to 100 times its size – once it meets the air, so it’s important to have a trained expert install spray foam insulation. Like other insulation products, spray foam comes in different R-values, so you can match the R-value you need for the particular geographic area in which you live. One drawback of spray foam is that it can be most costly than other types of insulation, so this should factor into your decision-making process which choosing insulation for your home.


Loose-fill insulation is very much as it sounds: loose pieces of recycled material (mostly paper) that is blown into your home’s cavity from a small hole drilled in an outside wall. Loose-fill is excellent for retro-fitting with older homes and can fill areas that may be hard to reach. However, it does not create an air-tight seal like spray foam and will settle after a certain amount of time. Loose-fill is very environmentally-friendly and is less expensive than spray foam.

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