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When the cool temperatures give way to nice warm weather and longer days, many of us in the Everett area like to take advantage of the change and spend a little extra time outside. And maybe after a hike or a day out on the lake you just haven’t gotten your fill and you find yourself wanting to take in the cool evening air by enjoying dinner outside or maybe wrapping up your night with a shared drink on the back patio. This can be a little less enjoyable if you can’t see anything.

Outdoor lighting may not seem important until you are trying to dig out that old lantern and hoping that the batteries haven’t corroded inside of it. If you are hoping to enjoy a summer season with a little extra time spent outdoors, or you just want to add a little extra light to the front of the house, we can help.

Why Consider Adding Outdoor Lighting?

You may be wondering if it is worth it to add lights to your yard for this summer. There are actually a few different perks to doing this and making it even easier with the help of a professional electrician in Everett, WA.

Added Ambiance

Have you ever walked up a path surrounded by trees or bushes in the dark and found it a little creepy? Add some light! It can be ankle-height solar-powered lights or light wired into the electrical grid of your home that turn on when you flip a switch or even lights that are strung across the yard. Whatever type you choose, these bright additions to your front or backyard can take your outdoor spaces from creepy to cozy and enjoyable in a snap.

Extra Security

Well-placed security and floodlights are going to be a great way to ensure some extra home security and safety too. Well-lit homes are often less likely to fall victim to break-ins or vandalism. What’s more, porch lights or patio lights near steps or walkways can greatly reduce the risk of trips and falls caused by unseen steps or bumps in the path.

Extended Playtime

The average person is less than likely to have night vision goggles that they use to play games in the dark. If you want to keep the yard games going (because you and your cousin have a lot riding on this round of cornhole and the sun is setting fast) you can rest assured that the fun won’t stop when the sun is gone with the help of well-placed and properly wired outdoor lights.

Why Hire a Professional Electrician?

Interested in lighting up your front or back yard this season with some outdoor lighting? If so, we would love to help! It might seem easy to drop by the hardware store to buy lights and install them yourself, but when you contact our team instead of trying to DIY the job you will be able to ensure that everything is installed and wired properly, reducing the risk of electrical problems.

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