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Let Us Upgrade Your Fuse Box for You

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

There was a time when homeowners relied upon fuses in order to complete circuits in their homes, thus allowing their electrical systems to function. These days, the fuse box has largely been supplanted by the more modern circuit breaker panel. Many older homes still have fuse boxes in place, though, with fuses needing to be replaced each time a surge blows one out. If you have a fuse box in your home, why not schedule a fuse box upgrade in Everett, WA? Whether you have a new fuse box installed, or you upgrade to a newer circuit breaker, you can count on the professional electricians here at G & S Heating Cooling & Electric to do the job right. 

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Should I Upgrade My Fuse Box?

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Modern homeowners everywhere know just how vital a resource electricity is. When you flip on the lights upon entering your home, turn on the coffeemaker in the morning, or run your air conditioner in the summer season, it is electricity powering those amenities. As necessary as electricity may be in the home, of course, the necessity of using electricity safely simply cannot be overstated.

This is why you may want to consider upgrading the fuse box in your home. There are many reasons as to why a homeowner may choose to do so. No matter what the situation, of course, it is absolutely necessary to schedule your fuse box upgrade in North Seattle with a qualified, licensed professional. Call G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to have your fuse box upgraded by an experienced electrician. 

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Reasons to Get Rid of Your Fuse Box and Upgrade to a Circuit Panel

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

There are many different names for the steel box that divides the electrical power to your home into smaller circuits. This box is sometimes called the distribution board, panel board, service panel, load center, breaker box, or the breaker panel, but it’s more traditionally and colloquially deemed a fuse box. That’s because older panels contained fuses instead of circuits. Circuits and fuses are overcurrent devices that shut down parts of your electrical wiring to protect your home from a fire if a wire draws in more current than it can handle. But today, fuse boxes are rarely in use, and circuit panels are often a more logical choice.

Experiences vary among homeowners, but you may decide to schedule professional fuse box upgrades in Mercer Island when you notice any of the following.

Fuse Boxes Are Outdated

The fact of the matter is that fuse boxes are tedious to maintain, outdated, and simply unnecessary. If a circuit were to take in more current than it was designed to, it could overheat and start a fire in your home. Instead, the fuse serves as a chink in the armor that “blows out,” shutting down that portion of your electrical system. Of course, this is a good thing, as it protects you from a potential fire, but you’ll have to go out and purchase a new fuse as a replacement every time. With a modern circuit breaker, the breaker simply “trips” and you’ll only have to go to the panel and reset it.

Fuse Boxes May Need Replacement Over Time

If you’re experiencing trouble with your existing fuse box, it’s probably best to replace the entire unit. Most experts recommend scheduling maintenance every year so that a technician can examine your fuse box and the rest of your electrical system for damage. You may also want to upgrade if want to increase the capacity of your service panel. When the electrical wiring in your older home was installed, the electricians did not anticipate that we would use our electricity to power so many large appliances today. When you add in new appliances or renovate the home with a new room, you may need a replacement in order to accommodate wiring changes.

At G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc., we offer fuse box upgrades in Mercer Island for homeowners looking to improve their electrical system. Call us today!

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Edmonds, WA Electrical Improvement Tip: Fuse Box Upgrades

Friday, May 24th, 2013

For most homeowners, the idea of living without electricity is laughable. We are so accustomed to the electricity that we use to power so many appliances and devices in our homes that we simply cannot imagine trying to do without it. While electricity is certainly one of the greatest modern luxuries that we enjoy in our homes, it also has the potential to be very dangerous. That is why working with a qualified, licensed electrician is so important. For any Edmonds, WA electrical services that you may need, contact the pros at G & S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. One service that you may want to consider is a fuse box upgrade.

In order to keep your home up to code and as safe as can be, it is extremely important that your fuse box is up to date and in great working condition. If fuses in your home blow frequently, you should contact your professional electrician immediately. There is no reason to put your safety and the condition of your home at risk with a deteriorating fuse box.

Any signs of rust or burn marks on your fuse box merit inspection by a qualified professional. It is possible that connections within the fuse box have deteriorated as well. No matter what specific issues you may have with your fuse box, a professional fuse box upgrade is a great way to ensure the safe operation of the electrical system in your home.

The function of your fuse box is to interrupt the flow of power through your home when necessary. IF there is a sure on a circuit, a fuse in the box will blow to prevent that surge from coursing throughout your system. If your fuse box is outdated or compromised, it will not be able to provide this integral service properly. Have your fuse box professionally inspected and, if necessary, upgraded. Your safety and your peace of mind are too important to put in question.

To learn more about when a fuse box upgrade may be necessary, call G & S Heating, Cooling & Electrical. Our Edmonds, WA electrical technicians can answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information.

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Woodinville Tip: Why Do I Need to Upgrade my Fuse box?

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If your home in Woodinville has a fuse box, it was likely built many years ago. Fuse boxes were used to route electricity throughout your home. Upgrading your fuse box involves replacing it with a new circuit breaker. There are many advantages to replacing your fuse box which we’re going to discuss in this blog post.

How Fuse Boxes Work

The purpose of fuse boxes and circuit breakers is to first route power to your house and second to keep your house from burning down. Electricity produces heat as it passes through the copper wires leading into and out of the fuse box. If the wires get too hot they can start a fire which obviously poses a great danger to you and your family. As electricity flows into each of the circuits for your home, it has to pass through a fuse. Inside the fuse is a thin piece of metal (called a filament) that heats up. If the wire gets too hot it will melt the filament and break the circuit. Once a fuse has melted it can’t be reused.

Insurance and Code Compliance

In many municipalities an old fuse box isn’t within compliance of new building codes. This could also have to do with the old wiring that was most likely installed when the fuse box was. In order to be compliant, you may have to replace your fuse box with a new circuit breaker. However, many new breakers are very sensitive. The old wiring could case the new breaker to trip often which is a nuisance. Additionally, most mortgage insurance companies won’t cover a home that has an old fuse box because of the damage risk. Mortgage insurance is required by many lenders so in this case you will most likely have to replace the fuse box as well.


One of the main reasons to upgrade your fuse box is for safety. It was most likely installed about 50 years ago and is obsolete. If the fuse does melt, it needs to be replaced. Once the fuse is removed it leaves both ends of the contact exposed which can be an electrocution danger.

Power Available Power

When fuse boxes were installed, the electrical demands of a typical home were much less than they are now. Fuse boxes are normally limited to 2 or 4 circuits. Circuit breakers can potentially have room for us to 42 circuits.

If you have any questions about your fuse box or if it is continually breaking fuses, call G&S Heating immediately. We can help you figure out a good option for your home in Woodinville. We take pride in our workmanship and would love you help you get your home working well again.

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