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If you have a whole-house surge protector on your property, then you have already made a great decision in protecting the comfort and convenience in and with which you live. However, you must remember that whole-house surge protectors are indeed electrical systems and, like any other such system, they may run into operational problems from time to time. The concern here is that, since you don’t really use your whole-house surge protector with any regularity, it may have slipped into disrepair without you knowing it. The last thing that you want is to learn the hard way that your whole-house surge protector in Everett, WA has failed. If you have any such concerns, contact us right away.

Familiarize Yourself with and Monitor Its Indicator Lights

There are various makes and models of whole-house surge protectors on the market today. All of them, though, will have some sort of indicator light system designed to let you know if your system is working properly. Checking in on these indicator lights or testing your surge protector from time to time is far preferable to experiencing a power surge and having your electronics or appliances burn out. Refer to your system’s literature to learn what the lights mean and how to read the indicators for signs of trouble.

How Are Your Lights Hanging in There?

One sign that your surge protector is up and running properly is an extended light bulb lifespan. Over time, even minor power surges can lead to the burning out of light bulbs. They are quite susceptible to the ravages of the power surge. If your bulbs have really been lasting a noticeably long time, it’s a good indicator that your surge protector is functioning well. No matter what, though, you should really have a trained professional assess your surge protector before we move into the stormiest time of the year.

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