Water HeaterWhat Is a Mixing Valve, and Should I Be Using One?

There are few appliances or systems in your home that do as much work for you each and every day as your water heater in Everett, WA. What you may not realize, though, is that an overzealous water heater, or simple human error, may enable that appliance to do some serious injury to you or others in your home. If you want to prevent the dangers of scalding in your residence, the importance of using a thermostatic mixing valve truly cannot be overstated. Don’t put yourself or your loved ones, especially young children, at risk of scalding in your home. 

Why Is a Mixing Valve Necessary?

My water heater has never burned me, your’re thinking. It has a thermostat on it, you say. That may be true, but are you sure, off the top of your head, that your water heater’s thermostat is definitely set to a safe temperature? Are you certain that it’s never been accidentally adjusted higher than it should be? Ideally, you’d be able to set your water heater to the precise temperature recommended, and never have to worry about it. As they say, though, accidents happen, and a mixing valve can help to prevent serious consequences from resulting.

There are also issues beyond your control that could lead to scalding incidents due to a lack of a mixing valve. Say you incorporate new fixtures, such as low flow shower heads, into your plumbing system. Without a valve in place, using these retrofitted fixtures and then simply flushing a toilet at the same time could cause the cold water pressure to plummet, and incredibly hot water to come from the shower.

A mixing valve simply mixes in the necessary amount of cold water in order to keep your water temperature safe. If you are interested in learning more, or simply curious if you have one in place, give our team a call. We’re the water heater technicians that you can count on.

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