Water HeaterWhy You Don’t Have Consistent Hot Water

One of the best features of the modern plumbing system is the water heater. Hot and warm water makes cleaning and showering easier and far more bearable. And most likely, you rarely run into the need for hot water heater services. However, you may have been in a situation before in which you don’t feel enough hot water from the unit. Or, maybe you notice sporadic bursts of warm and cool water. There could be a number of reasons for this. Unfortunately, it could mean that your water heater is almost ready to be replaced. On the other hand, it could indicate any of the following problems, all of which require a technician for repairs.

Call the skilled technicians at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. any time you aren’t satisfied with the level of heating from your water heater.

  • Dirty Burner – The problem may just be that the burners are dirty, leading to inadequate heating. You should still allow a technician to do the cleaning and inspect the unit so that you can rest easy knowing that there is not a larger problem contributing to the lack of heat.
  • Broken Dip Tube – The dip tube lets cold water into the bottom of the tank, where it heats up before rising to the top of the tank. If your dip tube breaks or cracks, cold water may make its way to the top of the tank.
  • Thermostat Trouble – A thermostat monitors the temperature of the water, but this may fail or become miscalibrated over time and require replacement.
  • Improper Sizing – It could be that your water heater was not sized properly in the first place. If you have a large household with a high demand for hot water, you need a large system to accommodate your family. If the unit is not the right size for your needs, it can run into trouble, and you may need to schedule replacement services prematurely.

We have the right amount of experience to inspect the unit thoroughly and find the right solution.

Allow the skilled technicians at G&S Heating, Cooling & Electrical, Inc. to service your hot water heater in Redmond before attempting any repairs on your own.


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